Sep 16, 2011

PTA Agenda Template

The agenda that is required to be prepared for Parent Teacher Association meeting is a PTA agenda. It helps the minute taker in recording the events that took place during the meeting and these minutes are typed for reading at the next meeting. It is important to note because in this way the organization will become aware about the names of attendees who were present at the meeting along with the events that took place during the meeting.

This PTA agenda also records the time from which the meeting started till its ending time. It details the location where it took place too. The name of your School is mentioned on top along with the names of board members who are present during the meeting. The agenda template helps you in making your minute taking easier, all you need to do is to follow the template that is simply formatted and note down your meeting minutes in it.

Preview and download link of this free PTA Agenda Template is below,

Click here to download free PTA Agenda Template

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