Oct 1, 2011

Formal agenda template

You cannot conduct a successful meeting without preparing a formal agenda. It is a critical tool that is used for time management and meeting planning. A poorly organized meeting will highly affect your business reputation so you need to arrange everything that is related to your business in a professional manner. A formal agenda template is the starting point for creating your own agenda. You can modify these sample agendas according to your meeting formats easily.

The format of most agendas are the similar, it includes opening and closing time of meeting, call for reports between the meeting, old business discussion and new business introduction. It is optional to list the timing on an agenda but it helps in keeping the meeting on track. Officer reports and committee reports are encouraged to be concise by it too. Providing structure for the meeting and making it more productive are some of the main purposes of creating an agenda.

Preview and download link of this free Formal agenda template is below,

Click here to download free formal agenda template

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